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Welcome to Excelovation, where marketing strategy is customer-centric, results oriented and budget driven.

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For the business owner who is ready for a comprehensive marketing plan and who doesn’t want to burden internal staff with marketing responsibility, our turnkey marketing program can handle it.

Get DIY Guidance

For the business owner who knows how to implement but doesn’t know what to do first, individual coaching can provide bi-weekly guidance and to-do lists to keep things moving forward on the best trajectory.

We are creative strategists who dream up new ways to motivate your target audiences.

Who are you?

Choose your trajectory to see how our approach benefits your business.

I'm a Startup

My business is less than two years old. I'm getting some traction and I can't wait to grow.

Everything's Leveled Off

Business is solid. Our growth has slowed and I want to plan for what's next.

I'm Crazy Busy

Things are great! I've got more than I can manage but I don't want more employees.


  • My clients are more than impressed. A new client wrote me to tell me that the website we have set up is a "kick ass system" and they love it.

    John C. Bennett Origin Title & Escrow, Inc.
  • In today's helter-skelter business world of profit margins, hectic schedules, closing deals and bottom  lines, sometimes the personal connection is lost. Jill and Jason are a breath of fresh air in an increasingly stagnant business culture that far too often values chasing money over building relationships...They helped me frame the vision for my company into a workable strategic plan.

    Troy L. Logan
    Troy L. Logan Master Instructor, Strike First Fitness

Move your business forward ~ starting right now.


In order to make money, you have to either attract new clients or keep the current ones. Here’s a way to decide where to spend your effort on marketing.

Website Spot Check

What is actually happening on your website? Are people seeing it? What do they do there? Is there anything to learn from their behavior? We will find out.

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