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Since 2003

Excelovation is an Atlanta-based marketing idea company, founded in early 2003. Jill Pullen and Jason Wade were introduced to each other by a mutual client who had the vision herself to see what two determined, opinionated and creative people could imagine when they combined their diverse perspectives.

From its earliest days, the partners intended to oversee the strategic plan that drove the website, while using independent technology contractors for implementation. As the technology opportunities exploded, development specialties became the norm, and Excelovation was already positioned to take advantage of the experts available in the independent workforce. As the workforce has expanded globally, this founding principle has made it possible for Excelovation to retain its focus on the creative direction and strategy behind the marketing, while employing high-quality and increasingly more affordable development partners in the US and all over the world.

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In order to make money, you have to either attract new clients or keep the current ones. Here’s a way to decide where to spend your effort on marketing.

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Company News

Excelovation Now Hosts with WPEngine

To provide better service for our WordPress clients we have changed hosting providers to WPEngine – a premium hosting service dedicated to WordPress. They offer better security, more bandwidth and greater support to us, so that our clients don’t have to worry about their WordPress installation, maintenance or security. We take care of it all.
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Excelovation Launches New Website

As with any company staying up with website design best practices is important to user experience. In October,  Excelovation launched their new website that not only updates its technology, but adds new features.
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