Awareness comes first for some customers

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There are five stages in the buying cycle: Awareness, Research, Comparison, Purchase and Retention.

It’s important to find a way to attract prospects at every stage.

Consider this scenario:

Sara is a psychologist who is opening a two-doctor practice serving teenagers. She wants a phone system that can direct calls between the two doctors and let them have an on-call line after hours.

She starts her buying cycle in the awareness stage when she starts looking for a solution to this problem.

Sarah doesn’t know there’s a service tailor-made for her problem, so she searches online for small office phone systems. Her search leads her to cloud phone systems and particularly to Vonage, because their site focused on Sara’s pain.

Sara goes “huh” – that’s good for Vonage.

Then things turn bad for Vonage because now Sarah knows the name of a solution — “cloud phone systems.” She jumps straight into the research stage and leaves Vonage in the dust.

At some point in the future – when she’s in the comparison stage, Sara comes back to Vonage because she likes the features they offer.

Who do you want to attract at the awareness stage? These are prospects who won’t know your company name or the products/services you offer.  They are looking for solutions. Will they find you?


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