In the comparison stage, lead with features laced with benefit

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We’ve made it to the third stage in the buying cycle:  comparison.

By this stage, our prospect Sara, who is searching for a cloud phone service, has learned enough to know what features she cares about.

For the business offering the cloud phone service, it means offering a clear feature list, making the cost easy to understand, and explaining how Sara will be treated once she becomes a customer.

If the features have clever branded names, I hope the explanation includes the generic name — it’s not a good idea to force a customer to adapt to brand language.

When a prospect hits your website in the comparison stage, is it easy for them to compare your offerings? Is the price easy to find? If your answer on price is that you want to talk to the prospect before you provide the price, it’s a common strategy that may work for you. But consider the people who will simply walk away, rather than be forced to communicate in a way they don’t like. Would it be wise to provide an alternative to a call?

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