The research stage is ripe for prospecting

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We are stepping through the five stages in the buying cycle: Awareness, Research, Comparison, Purchase and Retention.

Today’s topic is the research stage.

It’s easy to get found if your product or service name is known, but what if it isn’t? How will buyers who have never heard of you find you, learn what they need to know and then buy?

Consider this scenario:

Sara is a psychologist who is opening a two-doctor practice serving teenagers. She wants a phone system that can direct calls between the two doctors and let them have an on-call line after hours. She knows she wants the capabilities of a phone system without having to buy an actual phone system, but she doesn’t know the name of the product, or even the name of the service she wants.

She stumbles upon “cloud phone systems” when she’s searching for a small office phone system. Once she knows what to call what she’s looking for, she jumps into the research stage, to find the companies she wants to consider.

What’s the most important thing about the research stage to your business? Is it important that the prospect know your brand name, or is it more critical that they link your product or service with the generic “thing” they want to buy?

How can you make sure you make it into the next part of the cycle, the comparison stage?


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