Unintended Outcomes

 In Case Study, Marketing Strategy

Sometimes we get exactly what we asked for, and it’s the last thing we want.

Consider this scenario:

  • A female fitness trainer is targeting women ages 40 to 65.
  • She has a professional website and brochure.
  • She can handle 40 clients a week but currently has 15.
  • She gets good quality web traffic through desirable keywords.

Here’s what’s interesting:  all fifteen clients either knew her personally or came to her as referrals from current clients. No one who doesn’t know her has even made contact.


It’s worth considering the images she chose for her website.  She carefully selected images of extremely fit women in her target age group – not an extra pound, not a grey hair in sight.

Her plan was to inspire her prospects.  It’s entirely possible she discouraged them instead.

The chasm between a 58-year old grandmother looking to build stamina and an ultra-fit 50-year-old is too wide for curiosity to cross, no matter the grandma’s motivation.  She’s not sure she’ll be welcome because she doesn’t see herself in those images.

Take a look at the images you’re using and put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Do they see themselves?

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