Would you like more birds to land in your tree?

 In Marketing Diversity, Marketing Tactics

We’ve been talking about attracting more birds to a tree – that tree that represents a business in the forest of competition. What if there were a business – tree — that was doing very well but 90% of its new business comes from a single marketing branch – say blogging.  Is the best advice to just keep on keeping on? I could surmise that 90% of this company’s CUSTOMERS are reading a small group of deeply niched blogs. But I want to find out where this company’s PROSPECTS are. There could be other places this company’s target market hangs out. Imagine how the business might grow if they put some effort into reaching prospects with another branch.   Diversification is a sound strategy in many parts of life.

What does your business tree look like? Are there many branches or only a few? Where can you branch out into other marketing venues that reach your target markets?

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