Get Marketing Gas

As much as we’d like to create marketing assets, check them off the list and move on to other tasks, marketing can’t be managed that way.

In order to keep new prospects coming in, and to keep existing customers with you, a portion of the sales revenue must be set aside for marketing.

How much?

10% of gross sales is a great budget.

And if the business owner thinks of it as an automatic deduction from every sale, the funds can get set aside for marketing and steady progress can be made.

What should you do with the 10%?

In the 45-minute webinar, you will:

Rate Your Target Touchpoints

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Repeat Sales
  • Referral Sources

Understand the Customer Decision Journey

  • Triggers
  • Initial Consideration Set
  • Evaluation
  • Loyalty
  • Retention

Define Your ROI

  • How you will know that your choices worked

Choose Your Tactics

  • Set priorities
  • Set budget percentages

The Marketing Gas Webinar is presented live on a regular schedule, twice monthly.

Registration: $99

FILL Your Pipeline

Get Prospects & Keep Clients

  1. Choose the webinar date
    (third Wednesday or
    first Friday each month)
  2. Make the payment to reserve your place
  3. Complete the Business Direction form

Registration is limited to six attendees


“I would have chosen a single initiative and potentially wasted my money.”

“I never thought about saving 10% of each sale. It’s a much easier way to be sure I have marketing money.”

“Finally! A way for me to determine if something worked.”

Is your business ready to succeed?

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