Marketing is not about you ~

Marketing is about your prospects

Successful marketing begins with a plan,
but a plan alone isn’t enough.

The Excelovation Process ~ inspired by Lean Six Sigma and refined for marketing

  • Discover

    Understand the business, the goals, the challenges and the long-range plan for the business

  • Measure

    Learn how tactics currently work and define how we will measure improvement

  • Analyze

    Identify gaps & opportunities and create a fabric of tactics that work together toward the goal

  • Improve

    Develop a step-by-step plan for improvement to be implemented in stages with metrics in place

  • Control

    Confirm tactical success and sustainability, then return to Discovery for the next evolution

As with Six Sigma, our process is designed to repeat after the implementation of the tactics. The website in particular is a living, breathing organism. It must evolve as technology evolves, as users evolve and as the company itself evolves.

Successful businesses are fueled
by a steady marketing budget.

The size of the cash pile that you set aside for marketing is less important than the plan to set aside some money for marketing.

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