Case Study: The Attorney with the Unique Specialty


Attorney with Unique Specialty

what we did

Marketing Strategy
Landing Page Design
Online Advertising


An attorney with three distinct areas of expertise was looking for ways to reach only specialized prospects, rather than prospects with more generalized needs.


He explained the kinds of individuals who would be looking for his expertise and the Excelovation team developed a strategy to reach them and encourage them to make contact with the attorney. The strategy involved defining the keywords used by prospects searching for relief in the legal areas in which our client specializes, developing a series of ads to be deployed in Google AdWords and building a mini-site “landing page” for those who click through on the ads to have access to a special tool of use to them and their dilemmas. The tool provides valuable information for the prospect and suggests how the attorney can address their needs.

Client ROI

Just three weeks after the landing page launched, the attorney booked his first client. The fee from the client was 125% the cost of the work Excelovation provided.

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