Case Study: The Brand New Big Idea


Entrepreneur in New Market

what we did

Marketing Strategy
Book Production
Website Application Requirements
Website Implementation


The entrepreneur wanted a way to research colleges that considered the success of alumni — a completely new way to evaluate schools.

He did the ground work; did the research, collected the data and produced a ranking system of schools, then wrote a book to share the results. The first draft was done when he approached Excelovation to “take the book and make a website.” In reality, the book had to first become a printed book and then the website was needed to sell the book and to sell an online subscription to access the ranking information.


The Excelovation team played an integral role in production of the book, defined the system requirements for the web application and managed the implementation of the website. The Excelovation principals are co-holders of a patent (along with the entrepreneur’s management team) for technology developed for the online system.

Client ROI

The second edition of The Alumni Factor was released in September, 2013, both in book stores and online. The book and the online subscription received positive reviews from higher-education trade journals, from Money Magazine, Wall Street Journal and other news outlets.

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