Case Study: The Consultant with Offline Clients


The Consultant with Offline Clients

what we did

Marketing Strategy
Trade Journal Articles to Showcase Expertise


A business consultant with ten years in practice has created a process for engaging teams that raises productivity and streamlines plant operations in manufacturing facilities.

The manufacturing supervisors who are struggling with productivity issues would seek out contact with this consultant, if they had any idea she existed. The supervisors spend their entire workday on the plant floor, not in offices browsing the web for new ideas. They won’t have the opportunity to discover the consultant’s website because they aren’t searching online.


These supervisors do read trade journals, to stay on top of their industry. The Excelovation team recommended the consultant create a series of articles on engaging workers and offer them to a leading trade journal in manufacturing. The articles caught the eyes of the manufacturing supervisors, who then did go online to learn more about the consultant.

Client ROI

The consultant booked a two-year long project with a major US manufacturer to implement the team engagement practice she developed.

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