Understand the true impact

of your current marketing efforts

We see it all the time — campaigns are created, impressions and views and clicks are substantial. Costs are substantial too. It’s time to be sure the expense is justified.

Results Explorations ~ Gain insights into improving outcomes and have data to make decisions

  • Discovery

    Learn about the business, the goals, see where things stand today, understand the tactics to be explored

  • Benchmarks

    Where do things stand now - what's possible in the future

  • Metrics

    Define how efforts will be measured going forward

  • Insights

    Review SEO success, lead quality, conversion rate, visitor engagement

  • Review

    Six months later; review to quantify success

Results Explorations take a deep dive into the specific campaign or initiative being funded by the business and allocate cost against conversions.

What's Included

  • Discovery Session
  • Establish Benchmarks
  • Define Measurement Protocols
  • Explore existing campaigns
  • Provide insights into lead quality, conversion rate, visitor engagement
  • Six-month review


Traffic requirements: minimum 1,000 visitor sessions per month

Cost $950.


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