Make a minimal investment in cost

and build a solid foundation for growth

As a business grows, marketing effort is the most important thing. The business owner can tackle a lot of the effort, with support from a coach and feedback from peers.

Group Coaching ~ Four business owners who don't compete, each moving forward toward individual goals

  • Discovery

    Learn about the business (privately), the goals, see where things stand today, consider your long-range plan for the business

  • Start Right Here

    We'll begin where you are in your business and work from there to develop growth

  • Coaching Sessions

    Twice-monthly hour-long group calls to see where you stand and offer advice for forward progress. One-quarter of the meeting will be devoted to you.

  • In-Between Status

    On alternate weeks between calls, your coach will check in to see if you've hit a road block

  • Session Goals

    We'll identify specific things to accomplish between one call and the next that won't overtax your time but will impact your success

Our group coaching program reduces the cash outlay to a reasonable entry point, and expects the business owner to handle the vast majority of the implementation. Our coaches will share their experience with the top SaaS website, email, CRM and marketing system providers. These systems allow for rapid development at a low monthly cost.

What's Included

  • Discovery Session: to understand your business and begin creating a plan. This is a required component, and happens privately with your coach.
  • Group Coaching Sessions: twice per month, on a set schedule confirmed in advance
  • Off-Week Check Ins: to make sure you have what you need to keep moving forward toward your goal and deadline
  • Introductions to vendors and resources we have worked in the past if you need assistance with implementation

Program Length

  • There is no set timeframe for this, because each company is at a different point in its marketing development
  • We require a 3-month commitment, and we recommend a six-month commitment.
  • Implementation of the plan itself can take up to 12 months; you are welcome to extend the coaching commitment for the duration, but it is not required.

The costs for implementation are not included in the coaching fees. Your coaches will assist you in selecting resources or vendors as needed, as a part of their coaching commitment. Your budget for implementation will be determined by the speed at which you choose to implement the plan.

Program Fees

  • Discovery Session: $500 one-time fee; required to begin the program
  • Monthly Coaching: $150/month

The $500 fee for the discovery session is due when the discovery session begins. Monthly fees will be invoiced regularly and will be due on the first of the upcoming month.

Take a new step toward business success

Get a coach and a team of peers to support you

Group coaching sessions are ongoing – you can join an existing group, as soon as the discovery session has been completed. Let us know you’re ready and we’ll get you rolling as quickly as possible.

Is your business ready to succeed?

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