A steady manageable investment

will yield profitable dividends for your business

Setting sales goals is an automatic part of business. Setting a marketing budget to support that goal is necessary for success.

Marketing Coaching ~ Step by Step

  • Discovery

    Learn about the business, the goals, see where things stand today, consider your long-range plan for the business

  • Start Right Here

    We'll begin where you are in your business and work from there to develop growth

  • Coaching Sessions

    Twice-monthly private hour-long calls to see where you stand and offer advice for forward progress

  • In-Between Status

    On alternate weeks between calls, we'll check in to see if you've hit a road block

  • Session Goals

    We'll identify specific things to accomplish between one call and the next that won't overtax your time but will impact your success

Our marketing coaching program allows the cash outlay to begin wherever it is comfortable for the business, allows the business owner to undertake responsibility for implementation if desired, while still making way for objective advice based on experience and best practices.

What's Included

  • Discovery Session: to understand your business and begin creating a plan
  • Coaching Sessions: twice per month, on a set schedule confirmed in advance
  • Off-Week Check Ins: to make sure you have what you need to keep moving forward toward your goal and deadline

Program Length

  • There’s no set time frame for private coaching
  • We require a three-month commitment, and we recommend a six-month commitment
  • Implementation of the plan itself can take up to 12 months

The cost for implementation is not included in the coaching fees. We will assist you in selecting resources or vendors as needed or manage that for you (and adjust the monthly fees appropriately).

Program Fees

  • Discovery Session: $500 one-time fee; required to begin the program
  • Monthly Coaching: $500/month Two Session A month.

If we manage implementation for you, the monthly coaching fee will be adjusted upward, based on the amount of work and speed to accomplish.

Get a taste of the excelovation difference

Ask for a 30-minute live assessment

We’ll evaluate your site from your prospect’s point of view and give an objective, experienced opinion quickly. You get 30 minutes of insight on your website, at no cost to you.

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