Take marketing off your plate

and still create sustainable growth

A marketing budget combined with a solid marketing plan makes implementation easier and yields predictable results.

Turnkey Marketing ~ You keep your eye on the goal and we'll get you there

  • Discovery

    Learn about the business, the goals, see where things stand today, consider your long-range plan for the business

  • Investment

    The velocity of your marketing will be determined by your budget.

  • Plan

    Create the strategy for moving the business forward and prioritize implementation efforts.

  • Implement

    Get the work done and set up the metrics to confirm success

  • Improve

    Review the results, adjust as needed and move on to the next goal.

Turnkey marketing programs are customized to the business, to the marketing budget and to the target audiences being served.

What's Included

  • Discovery Session: to understand your business and begin creating a plan
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Implementation Plan
  • Metrics & Measurement Plan
  • Monthly report and status meeting

Program Length

  • We require a 12-month commitment
  • 5 to 15% of company annual gross revenue, divided into 12 equal monthly payments
  • Month 1: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plan, Measurement Plan, Implementation Plan
  • Month 2 – 12: Implementation of tactics outlined in plan
    • Cost for implementation included
    • Monthly review/evaluation of progress included
    • Weekly update of work status


  • Our efforts will get you the goals stated in the plan
    • If we fall short, we will continue to manage, measure and identify changes to be made at no cost to you.
    • Any third-party services required for implementation will be payable by you.  Invoices will be provided.

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We’ll evaluate your site from your prospect’s point of view and give an objective, experienced opinion quickly. You get 30 minutes of insight on your website, at no cost to you.

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