Slicing the Marketing Pie

Every entrepreneur with a dream knows that the list of things to spend money on for a startup business feels endless. Startups have limited budgets and the focus is on operations, rather than marketing.

A new business can’t survive without some form of brand identity and some vehicle for telling the company’s story (usually a website).

How can you decide what gets the most emphasis?

In the 45-minute webinar, you will:

Rate Your Challenges

  • B2B or B2C
  • Products or Services
  • Degree of Competition
  • Brand Identity
  • Exit Strategy

Understand the Slices

  • Based on the target audience
  • Based on your goals
  • Based on your business model

Slice Your Pie

  • Allocate your efforts in six major initiatives

The Slicing the Marketing Pie Webinar is presented live on a regular schedule, twice monthly.

Registration Fee: $99

Slice Your Pie

Focus your time, energy and budget on the right things.

  1. Choose the webinar date
    (second Wednesday or
    fourth Friday each month)
  2. Make the payment to reserve your place
  3. Complete the Business Direction form

Registration is limited to six attendees


“I can’t believe I learned that much in that short a time!”

“Nearly all of my pre-conceived notions about what I needed were wrong.”

“This webinar totally saved me money! I would have done the wrong things first.”

Is your business ready to succeed?

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