Established businesses have made it.

But what’s around the bend?

You’ve got the product or service offerings down and you’ve got operations under control.

Life is pretty good, but you know you can’t really rest.

A competitor will innovate, technology will change, consumer interests will shift. Something will happen to affect the status quo.

We advocate for nurturing prospects and retaining customers. Retention is part of the sales cycle.

Marketing is a continuous part of the business — it can’t stop when things are good and start again when things slow down. A business can fail while it waits for the momentum that consistent marketing provides.

How much of your marketing do you want to do yourself?

Please —  just handle it!

Turnkey marketing means we become your marketing department. We recommend the strategy and the budget; you approve and then we make it happen. No worries, no fuss, just progress, according to the plan.

Turnkey marketing leaves you free to be involved in the parts of the business you love.

I have an employee who can handle maintenance.

Marketing coaching could be right for you. We’ll be on hand twice a month to talk through what’s happening and set direction for the next marketing step, but you — or your employee — can handle the implementation.  You’ll be up-to-speed on the plan and the priorities while your staffer focuses on the details.

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