Startup Businesses

face challenges like no other

You’re pulled in a thousand directions – they all feel important.

If you had enough money to do everything top-of-the-line, you wouldn’t be starting a business.

We get it.

We advocate setting priorities – doing the right things first and always with the target market in mind.

Marketing does not have to be expensive but it will be if you just do things without a plan. Because you’ll end up doing them again.

How much of your marketing do you want to do yourself?

Please —  just handle it!

Turnkey marketing means we become your marketing department. We recommend the strategy and the budget; you approve and then we make it happen. No worries, no fuss, just progress, according to the plan.

I like to tinker and I’m good with words

Marketing coaching could be right for you. We’ll be on hand twice a month to talk through what’s happening and set direction for the next marketing step, but you can handle the implementation.  That way, you get to play with all the technology!

I have to do it myself – I can’t afford otherwise.

When the budget is a major issue but you know you want marketing guidance, group coaching is the way to go. You and three other entrepreneurs (not competitors – we’ll make sure) will meet virtually twice per month to report in on progress and we’ll identify tasks to be completed before the next call. Step by step progress, where you do all the work yourself.

Do some pre-planning before you get too far

Come to our Slicing the Marketing Pie Webinar

In just 45 minutes you’ll identify major areas that deserve your focus and what should get a smaller slice. You’ll leave the webinar with a clear idea of where to focus your efforts, developed just for your business.

Is your business ready to succeed?

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