Website Spot Check

Every business owner would like to sit back and watch prospects and customers peruse the website.

What do they do? Where do they go? Do they find what they need?

What can you learn from their behavior?

In this custom report created for your website, you’ll get a glimpse of how visitors behave:

We’ll learn about your business from you, in a quick questionnaire

  • Website Objectives
  • Target Markets
  • Current Marketing Tactics


  • Observations from Google Analytics
  • Incoming traffic segments
  • Most common landing pages


  • Things you can do to improve conversions from your site
  • Best Practices to implement on your site

Fee: $250

Check Your Site

Understand Visitor Behavior

  1. Make the payment to get a space
    on the calendar
  2. Provide access to your site’s analytics (we’ll tell you how)
  3. Complete the Business Direction form

The spot check will be completed in three business days.

Website Spot Check ~ $250

“Valuable information. A steal at the price.”

“I had no idea which tactic was really working for me. The segments showed that.”

“You saw things I would never have seen for myself — I was too close to it.”

Is your business ready to succeed?

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